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Started to think about buying a dental practice?

DOWNLOAD this GUIDE of the 18 CRITICAL Steps to Consider when Buying a Dental Practice to Ensure a Pain-Free Transaction.

Buying a dental practice is a significant step in your career as a dentist and will easily be one of the biggest transactions that you are ever involved in.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration to avoid consequences such as delayed completion and higher costs! 

To help you with your purchase transaction, this guide will show you the critical steps to follow to enjoy a successful and pain-free transaction, featuring:18 CRITICAL steps to consider when buying your dental practice

    • Specialist Advice

    • Funding your purchase

    • Due Diligence

    • Supply Contracts and Inspection Certificates

    • Expense Share Arrangements, Partnerships

    • NHS Contracts and UDA Levels

    • Property and Equipment

    • And much more!

Whether buying or selling a dental practice, you need to be in safe, reliable hands when it comes to the legal work. I have known John Grant and Ray Goodman for many years and am always happy to recommend them and Goodman Grant Solicitors to dentists, whether or not they are clients of mine. Their experience is beyond question.
Paul Newsom, PFM Dental