The landscape of orthodontic contracts is changing. Goodman Grant understand it is a challenging time for orthodontic practices entering the retendering process for PDS Contracts. We are experienced at guiding practices through the legal aspects of the process, providing specialist advice and support to help make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.



John Grant explains why it is vital that you receive the right support and guidance through the process of tendering, to ensure the best potential outcome and to avoid a situation in the future whereby your practice is unsaleable. Watch the interview:



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At Goodman Grant, we work with many dental practices who have come to us, recognising the benefit of professional advice and support from people who understand the unique issues surrounding tendering for a new PDS Orthodontic Contract.

As you face the arduous task of securing a tender, demonstrating your proven ability to provide a good service, and how this will continue moving forward, you are also negotiating a legislative and administrative minefield. You will face questions such as how the decisions you make now may affect the future goodwill of your practice.

We understand you want, and need, to get things right. We also recognise while you are having to complete this difficult process, you are still running your practice!

If you are running a busy orthodontic practice and trying to begin the process of tendering, our blog on surviving the PDS Contract is a great place to start!


As contracts change, sometimes reducing in value and with some practices being advised to ‘club together’ to secure a contract, a whole host of new questions and dilemmas are arising for dental practices. The decisions you make now, surrounding creating partnerships and the entities you choose, will have long lasting impacts, so it’s worth investing in specialist advice to get it right.

Goodman Grant can help you to understand your options fully, and make the right choices for your business, both now and in the future. Our blog, on what to expect when you begin to tender, is full of information on the options that may be available to you.


Goodman Grant director John Grant has over twenty-five years experience of working with dental professionals and practices, across a broad range of issues. So unlike some general solicitors, he really understands the dental industry. He also understands the challenges you face in the re-tendering process from a legal perspective. In this interview, John takes us through what he sees to be the key issues, and what you need to do to prepare for the process. 



Your practice is largely built on goodwill. You will have cultivated a reputation that makes your practice profitable. One day, in the future, you may look to sell on your practice, the business you have invested in creating and nurturing. As with many in the dental profession, that may be your retirement plan.

Now, that day may seem, and quite possiblu is, far in the distance. It’s easy, when running a busy practice, and working on securing a tender, to neglect your future plans.

It is crucial, however, for the future value of your business, that you understand how the decisions you make when tendering for a PDS Contract, can affect the future saleability of your practice. Goodman Grant are experts in the legal and administrative issues surrounding the sale and purchase of dental practices. Reading this blog from John Grant, Managing Director at Goodman Grant, is a great way to get some insight into how the choices you make when negotiating your PDS Contract may affect your future.


At Goodman Grant, we understand you need to make the right choices for your unique practice when beginning the process of retendering. By schedule your free legal business assessment, we can give individual advice relevant to you and your practice.

Rather than trying to negotiate a complex legal and administrative process alone, see how Goodman Grant could help your practice specifically, the advice and support we can offer.


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